Lakeview Crime Prevention District

President's letter

The past several months have been both challenging and trying when it comes to the future of LCPD.  more..

Lakeview Wanted Poster

6627 Marshall Foch....more
Tires & Rims...more
915 French St...more

New Crime Sheet

Sgt Rene' C. Benjamin is providing a weekly Lakeview area crime report which will state the crime and location.  This report can be found on the CRIME tab above and here.

Crime Trends, Charts and Maps

The Third District requests that any person who may be away from their home or business for an extended period of time (vacation, etc.)  more...

Lock it or Lose it

LCPD and LCIA would like to remind you to lock it or lose it.... more

Burglary Prevention Tips 

Burglary is usually a crime of opportunity.  Burglars normally devote relatively little time to plan their actions.  more

Contact Information

Lakeview Crime Prevention District
P.O. Box 24052
New Orleans, La. 70184-4052

(504) 858-5273
(504) 831-2609 more...

Safety Tips

Download LCPD Safety Tips here

Lakeview Crime Prevention District - "How it works"

To help our neighbors understand the Lakeview Crime Prevention District, also known as “LCPD” or the “District,” this document briefly describes the organization and its functions.  more...

Quality of Life

This form can be used to report numerous quality of life issues. In the interest of better serving our citizens we have made the form computer friendly. Now you have the ability to fill out the form on your computer and email it directly to the Third District Community Policing Unit. In the event you do not wish to do this you may print out the form, fill it out and fax it to the Third District station at(504) 658-6169 more...


The annual LCPD fee is $110.00 and will be included in your property tax.